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SWC-60 Mk3

SWC-60 MK3

Frequency inverter/power conditioner SWC-60 mk3 with 60 Hz output, pure sine wave, noiseless, crystal controlled.

SWC-60 MK3

For US Hammonds to be used in Europe (50Hz) or on unstable 60 Hz mains (accepts 40 to 400 Hz input).

The sine converter fits all electromagnetic Hammonds including those with self-starting motors (H-, T-series).

  • Included is the Controller Unit which offers tuning in cent or half note steps.
  • Crystal stabilized circuit, no deviation from set frequency. Simple installation, is looped into wires to run motor. Unique soft-start technology ensures proper starting even with weak start motors on 50 Hz mains: Frequency is raised smoothly from 50 to 60 Hz on start-up and locked. Output power 60W.
  • Relay output (up to 10A/230V) to power up a Leslie along with organ.
  • Step-down transformer 230V/117V for organ required (not included) for use in Europe (230V mains). Recommended power rating 160 VA (organ) or 400 VA (organ and Leslie).
Technical Details:
  • Input 117 V 40 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Output 117 V 60 Hz crystal controlled, sine wave, variable frequency with optional controller unit
  • Output power: 60 W for SWC60
  • Installed in vented aluminum shielding box, dimensions 164 x 115 mm, height 55 mm (6 x 4.5 x 2.1 inches), mounting hole pattern 154 x 90 mm (6.06 x 3.54 inches).


Techical Details

PPC Controller Unit

The PCC Power Conditioner Controller unit is an optional accessory for remote controlling our new series of Power Conditioners SWC-60, SQC-60 and SQC-50 mk3.

PPC Controller

It has a built-in LCD and rotary encoder for simultaneous transposing/tuning in half note or cent steps (transposing ranged limited to plus 4, minus 3 half notes, depending on generator condition).

Box is attached by RJ45 cable (1.5 m included - may be replaced by patch cable up to 2 m long), can be mounted in reach of organist by velcro tape.

  • Black polystyrol box, 82 x 62 x 32 mm.

Please note: that vibrato frequency also changes with transposing and may sound unpleasant on extreme settings.

Special Order: Please allow for two weeks delivery.

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